SMT Assembly FAQs

1. What does your quoted price include?

The PCB assembly pricing includes engineering fee, assembly fee and components cost. We will offer huge discounts for SMT assembly, please stay tuned. 

2. Do you accept the components supplied by customer themselves or can you solder all the components?

Currently the components supplied by customer are not accepted by JLCSMT. We provide parts you will need to have your PCB assembled. Please note components that are not in our library won’t be placed on your board. 

3. How many components are supported by JLCSMT?

Currently JLCSMT supports30k+ components, including 698 kinds of basic components and 30k+ extended components. You can explore our in-stock parts in JLCSMT Parts LibraryWe are keeping extending our library.

4. What are“Basic components” and “Extended components”?

Basic components are most common parts that have already loaded onP&P machines and keep on the same feeder, so we don’t have to keep switching it in and out and there is no labor fee on basic library components.

Extended components are required to change the feeders on P&P machines which need an additional labor fee, $3per extended component.  

5. What files are required for SMT assembly order?

Gerber file, it is used for PCB production.

BOM file(Bill of Materials). View Sample BOM. 

CPL file(Component Placement List / Pick & Place File (PNP) file), it is used by our automated SMT Assembly machines to determine where each part should be located on the board. View Sample CPL. 

6. How do I place an SMT order?

Upload Gerber files -->Upload BOM/CPL files --> Select the parts you want to assemble-->Get a quote. 

7. I want to order more than 30 pieces, what can I do?

You can panelize your boards to realize a quantity of more than 30 pieces, please note there is a panel size limit of not bigger than 200x200mm.

8. What are your requirements for the panelized board?

Please panelize your boards with stamp holes, V-cut panels are not supported currently.

9. Do I need to add fiducial marks myself?

No, you don’t have to. We’ll add fiducial marks for SMT assembly.

10. How do you determine turn-time?

Assembly turn-time begins immediately after the PCB turn-time and 90% of SMT orders can be finished within 24 hours, 48 hours at most. We prepare all necessary material for SMT assembly like SMT engineering data, components and solder paste stencil while PCB production, so assembly can begin immediately after completing the PCB fabrication.

Below is a gantt chart that illustrates our project schedule.  

11. Do you offer assembly on boards fabricated by another company?

Unfortunately, we do not. To maintain our quality standards, we only assemble PCB’s that we fabricate.

12. Do you provide with Lead or Lead-free Assembly?


13. Do you support BGA components assembly?

Currently, it is not supported.

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