Component Placement List(CPL) for for SMT Assembly

The (CPL) Component Placement List / Pick & Place File file is necessary for the proper utilization of pick and place machines. We require CPL data to accurately place the surface mount parts on circuit boards. CPL data is the machine file in ASCII text format which comprises reference designator, X/Y locations, rotation, top or bottom side of the board.

The (CPL) Component Placement List must contain the information below:

  • Designator - Component Reference Designator (e.g. C1, L2, R3)
  • Mid X/Mid Y - The X/Y coordinate of the component centroid. Recommended units: Metric(mm). 
  • Layer - Top / Bottom, the board side where the component should be placed. 
  • Rotation - The rotation of the component given in degrees. Positive values are counter clockwise.

Recommended File Format: .csv, .xls and .xlsx.

Below is a Sample CPL file.

Download JLCSMT Sample CPL.

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