How to Transfer Money to JPAY

(For Customers Pay Via Bank Transfer)

1. Find “JPAY” in your account, click “Activate Now”.

2. Send verification email and then get a verification message in your email box.

3. Click the link in the message to verify.

4. After getting verified, set your payment password only you know.

5. Back to JPAY account after JPAY activated.

6.  Select your country and Click “Top-up” in your JPAY account to charge.

7. Pls transfer money to our bank account first. Then fill in your bank name and top-up amount, and attach the receipt file(bank transfer record), Click “Submit”.    

8. Waiting for JLCPCB review and approval. After the “Top-up” application is approved, you will see your money in JPAY Balance.

(Note: Top-up amount will be the amount we receive from bank, it might be less than the money you have deposited for there is transaction fee deducted by bank. In some countries, both remitting banks and beneficiary banks will charge a transaction fee. While some countries only remitting banks charge a transaction fee.)

9. Then you can use JPAY for payment, JPAY is available for both "Review Before Payment" and "Pay Directly". Take Pay Directly for instance, check JPAY and enter your payment password.

(Note: For Review Before Payment, if you choose "proceed to production once approved", we will deduct the order amount from your JPAY account directly)

10. You can find the JPAY payment record here, If your order is cancelled, the money will be returned to your JPAY account.

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