Instructions for ordering

Instructions for ordering:

Instructions for capabilities:

1. To do solder-resistance bridges, usually only when the spacing between the pads /pins to be 0.254 mm can be done, and special notes are required when ordering such as : solder mask bridge is required. Or it will be ignored easily.

2. The English description in the attachment and geber file will be ignored and it will be done according to the gerber file only. So be sure to choose the correct parameters when ordering.

3. If you want to add two edges to your single PCB, you may need to make a note about it when you place your order, Such as: Edges is needed and the final panel size is xxx.

4. If you want to specify where to add the order number, you can design it in your file and indicate it by the text of: JLC JLC JLC. When ordering please kindly make a note about it, such as : please kindly add the order number to the location show in the file.

5. Gold finger: If you need to make golden fingers, fingers will be only with gold when ENIG is chosen, or they will be covered with tin when HASL is chosen.

6.V-cut: To make the PCB with v-cut, then size for the PCB or panel has to be 7*7 cm at least so that it can be fix into the v-cut machine. Please kindly check whether it meet the requirement if you want to make it with v-cut when you place your order.

7. The thickness for the stencil is 0.12 mm default on the website, if there is any other thickness required, please kindly make a note a about it when you place your order then we will change it for you.

8. As to those orders that with dense holes, we do not make it with HASL since it will be all in short circuits easily, so you had better to place it with ENIG. If it is chosen to make with HASL, it will be rejected.

9. If there are both PCB files and gerber files in the file , we will follow the gerber file.

10. We don't accept order that with blind holes and buried holes.

11.We do not make pcb with edge plated, if there is no note about it, then we will make it with the normal process. 

12. Please add those need to be milled to keep out with the board outline, or it will be missed easily and please kindly draw it as lines as shown below. If it is missed due to those slots are added in separated layer,       we will not responsible for the mistake.

13. Problems caused by software incompatible: If there is any issue caused by the incompatible of different tools used( such as something show up in your tools, but when we open  it, there is no such kind of items. Or some items are distorted), we will not responsible for such kind of issue.

14. Markings on materials: As shown below, there are some markings on the base material, which is based on the base material itself, and we have no no way to remove it. Since we have no idea about which pcb will be with such kind of markings, we will not responsible for any complaint about it.

Other instructions:

1. For those orders that are cancelled,when you fix the issue with the file, you can choose to combine it with the your previous order if there are any order has been put into production.  (Usually it can be combined with other orders within 2 days).

2. For orders that do not meet the capabilities, we will cancel the order directly. So please kindly check your file carefully before you pay for your order to save the lost due to the cancellation.

3. Refunds: For users who use credit cards to pay for the order, after the refund operation is completed, usually there will be a delay to get the return due to the delay in bank,, so please wait patiently for a few days until the money back.

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