Instructions for ordering

Instructions for ordering:

Instructions for capabilities:

1. Solder-resistance bridges

To do solder-resistance bridges, usually, the spacing between the pads /pins needs to be 0.254 mm at least, and special notes are required when ordering such as : solder mask bridge is required. Or it will be         ignored easily.

2. The English descriptions and other attachments in the zip file

The English descriptions and other statements in your zip file, such as some PDF file, DXF files, etc.,  will be ignored and the PCB will be done according to the Gerber file provided only. So please make sure that the correct parameters are chosen and all those needed are translated into your Gerber file when you place your order. If any important, please kindly add it to the remark filed when you place your order.

3. Stencil thickness

Basically, there is no option to choose the thickness for the stencil on the website, and our engineers will choose the thickness for you according to your file. If there is any specific thickness required, please kindly make a note a about it when you place your order.

4. PCB file and GERBER file in the zip file at the same time

If there are both PCB files and GERBER files in your zip file , we will follow the Gerber file and ignore the PCB file.

5. Plated edges/ slots

If there is any edge plating needed, or any plated slots are needed, please make sure that is is not longer than 6 mm, or we can not make it for you. If there is no any note about it, then we will make it with the normal process. 

6. Markings on materials

For the sake of security, there are some markings on the base material, which is based on the base material itself, and we have no way to remove it. We have no idea about which PCB will be with such kind of markings, so your PCB will also have the chance to have the markings. Please kindly check whether it is acceptable before you place your order.

7. Designs about slots/CUT OUT/ millings/ v-cut

Please kindly make sure that the v-cut lines, cut out, millings and slots are in the same layer with the board outline. If it is not in the same layer with the board outline, it will be missed. So please kindly check it before you place your order.

8. Gerberview

As to the preview / Gerberviewer on the website, it is only for the purpose of reviewing the file quickly before paying for your order. But sometimes, there might be something wrong on the website to display it EXACTLY, so you had better to check your file carefully when you place your order if there is any doubt.

9. Silkscreen/ texts

To make the texts printed clearly, the width for the texts needs to be 0.15 mm with a height of 0.8 mm. Basically, we will not check the silk for you, so you had better to check whether it can meet the requirement or not before you place your order, or the texts will not printed clear, or it is blur.

Other instructions:

1. About order cancellation

For those order that there are some layers missed, such as no solder mask layer, no board outline and drilling, we will cancel  the order directly. If there is no solder mask or drill is needed, etc, you had better to make a note about it when you place your order ,or it will be canceled directly during the audit process.

2. About orders beyond our capabilities

For orders that do not meet our capabilities, we will cancel the order directly and will send e-mail to inform you about the reason. So please kindly check your file carefully before you pay for your order to save the lost due to the cancellation.

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