What cases will be charged of extra cost?

1. If there are more than 2 different designs in your file,then there will be  extra cost for it, and it is 8 dollar/design.

2. Half cut/castellated holes

Engineering fee:$36

Board fee: Half cut/castellated holes with one side: 29 dollar/㎡  

                  Half cut holes with two sides:43 dollar/㎡  

                 Half cut holes with three sides: 58 dollar/㎡

                 Half cut holes with four sides:72 dollar/㎡  

3. Charges for V-cut on small sized board 

Charges for V-cut on small sized board (small batch)
Size Minimum charge for board smaller than 1 ㎡ charge for board bigger than 1 ㎡ Maximum charge
Length width thickness ≤1000pcs >1000pcs
0.6-1cm >1.5cm ≥1.2mm $8  $15  $15/㎡ n/a
0.6-1cm <1.5cm ≥1.2mm $8  $30  $30/㎡ n/a
1cm-1.5cm >1.5cm ≥0.8mm $8  $8  $8/㎡ $75 
1cm-1.5cm <1.5cm ≥0.8mm $8  $15  $15/㎡ $75 

4. ENIG for the whole board ($30/㎡)

5. Milling fee(no matter what shape it is): no extra charges for order less than 1000pcs, but an extra fee of $15 will be charged if it is between 1000-2000 pcs.

6. Special price board: If the size after panelized is smaller than 10*10cm, then an extra cost of $15 will be charged.

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