How to put JLC Order Number at a specified area on the PCB?

For picking up your PCB easily and do not mix it up with other customers' PCBs, JLCPCB will add your order number to your PCB and the number will be added by random, the number may be under some IC, if you solder the PCB, it will be hidden. But if you want to put it in a specific location, that's ok as long as you indicate in your file.  

1. You can indicate this location by adding the text of " JLCJLCJLCJLC" to silk layer, then select "Yes" in the Specify Order Number option when you place an order. If you don't select "Yes", we may not notice you've added the text. 

Note: Just "JLCJLCJLCJLC", No more or less characters. The font size should be larger than 0.8mm in height and 0.15 mm in width. 

2. If you don't want any serial number on your PCB board, you can choose Panel by JLCPCB option when you place your order, then we will add the serial number at the dirty edge by default, so there is no serial number on your product PCB.

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