How to use JLCPCB Global Sourcing Parts Service?

Why JLCPCB provides Global Sourcing Parts Service?

JLCPCB has a large selection of components in stock for PCB assembly orders. In case the parts suddenly run out of stock when PCB assembly is needed, we provide the pre-order parts service based on the JLCPCB parts library. If the JLCPCB parts library still can't fulfill your PCBA order to get all parts assembled on your boards, now we launch the global sourcing service that sources and stocks parts from global distributors. Please note the parts pre-ordering service or global sourcing service is only for PCB assembly orders, the parts won't be shipped separately to you.

What’s the Global Sourcing Parts Service?

JLCPCB’s global sourcing service on its self-developed and one-stop platform provides a better customer experience and connects with quality-assured component suppliers from all over the world. Before sourcing, customers should clearly comprehend the rules of global sourcing service, and enjoy JLCPCB's global sourcing service after checking the Terms & Conditions

How to order parts via Global Sourcing Parts service

1. Sign in to your account, and visit the " Parts Manager " page. Click " Order Parts " and you will see the " Global Sourcing Parts " entrance.

2. Click " Global Sourcing Parts " , then search parts by the MFR Part number.
3. You can select different global parts suppliers and check the available parts from different suppliers.
4. When ordering the global sourcing parts, choose the part you need; fill in the quantity; click the " Add " button, then the part will be added to the cart.
(If the part is in JLCPCB part library, we recommend you buy from JLCPCB, as JLCPCB has a large selection of components in stock. For non-stock parts, JLCPCB will give priority to buy from local authorized distributors, which can reduce cost and lead time.)

5. Go to the " Cart  " page, you will see the JLCPCB library parts and global sourcing parts are listed separately as they need to be paid separately. Select the global souring parts, then click " Secure Checkout ".
6. In the "  Checkout " page, first check your contact email address. We will send the order status to your registered email address by default, but you can change it when you need.
7. Fill in your  billing address and click " Submit Order ".
Please note that those parts are only used for your PCB assembly orders, they will be shipped to JLCPCB warehouse for assembly, they won't be taken out or shipped separately to you.
8. Please complete the payment within one hour, or the order will be cancelled automatically because the parts' inventory may change each second. Also you need to check and agree with the global sourcing service Terms & Conditions before you pay.
9. After you pay the order, you can check the status of the ordered parts in the " Parts Order History" page.
Order Status:
Awaiting payment - Please pay within one hour or the order will be canceled
Reviewing - Review will be completed in 1-3 business days
Purchasing - You can check the lead time when you order the parts. Normally it's 9-20 business days. The tracking number will be shown when the order shipped from the suppliers.
Complete - When your parts arrive at our warehouse, the order is completed. Please note If you don't fulfill the supplement, even the parts arrived in our warehouse, you are unable to use them.
Canceled - Your order may be canceled when the part is not supported for assembly.
10. When your parts arrive in JLCPCB warehouse, you can see the parts list in your own parts lib, and you can check the inventory changes here.

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