Global Sourcing Parts Order Terms & Conditions

Notes on Global Sourcing Parts Orders

1. Global sourcing parts orders cannot be cancelled or returned once it's been paid.
2. Global sourcing parts need to be reviewed. If the part doesn't support assembly, this part will be cancelled and the refund will be issued within 1-7 days. 
3. Parts may be purchased by different batches, and we can't promise parts purchased from the same production batch. The production batch will be within 5 years.
4. If a customer doesn't fulfill the supplement, even the parts arrived in our warehouse, you are unable to use them.

Notes on using global sourcing parts for assembly

1. JLCPCB will help customers store their global sourcing parts, the parts are only used for assembly service, there is no inventory cost when using those parts for assembly orders.
Please note in principle global sourcing parts are not available for pickup. Inventory cost and pickup service fee will be charged if pickup is insisted on. Learn more

2. Please consider the minimum assembly quantity and attrition quantity during the PCB assembly process.

3. Global Sourcing Parts can only be used separately when placing a PCBA order.
4. Only when the global sourcing parts arrive in the JLCPCB warehouse, you can use them for PCB assembly orders.

Additional Charges

1. No shipping charge for global sourcing parts, but for large volume orders, when the weight or size of package exceed the maximum limits, you may need to pay the extra shipping cost.
2. Some components (such as relays, band-pass filters, attenuators, modules, cables, etc.) may require an additional 3% - 30% fees for customs duty;

Switches, fuses, gas discharge tubes, connectors, batteries, etc. require commodity inspection and 3C certification fees. The commodity inspection fee is $20 for each kind of part; the 3C certification fee will be shared equally of all kinds of parts. If there is only one kind of part, the fee is $20.

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