Free PCB project——Infrared Tire Temperature Sensor

Team background:

Country: Portugal

School Name: Politécnico de Leiria | ESTG - Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão

Team Name: FSIPLeiria 

Article writer name: Pedro Sousa

Full Article link:

Project Introduction:

This project aims to provide data on the operating temperature of the vehicle tires during operation on track, this allows the vehicle dynamics department to better understand the behavior of tires for different setups of suspension geometry and maximize overall vehicle setup.

The tire temperature acquisition module aims to measure the tire temperature in three points, namely at the inner and outer ends of the tire and in the center. To perform the measurement was selected MLX90620 infrared temperature sensor, which has the ability to acquire the temperature in 64 points distributed in a 16x4 pixel matrix. This sensor performs the measurement by infrared, sends the information to the microcontroller through the I2C communication protocol, and the microcontroller in turn, through a CAN transceiver, sends the acquired information to the car's CAN communication bus.

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