Free PCB Project—— Dual Heat Flux Project

Team background:

Country: Spain 

School: University of Oviedo

The Article Writer: Jaime Gonzalez Verde

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Project introduction

The objective of this project is to be able to measure the temperature of a non-accessible heat source, based on the Dual Heat Flux principle developed by Kei Ichiro Kitamura. The prototype will be based on a microcontroller, which will communicate with the heat sensors via I2C and will calculate the desired internal temperature after taking into account the heat insulation between each of the pairs of sensors. Afterward, the value will be displayed on the OLED display for the operator to acknowledge. The system will be connected to a 3,6V battery and will have two power buses, of 3,6V and 3V respectively. For achieving the 3V bus (needed for the sensors to work at their best accuracy) a DC-DC converter will be employed.

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