What's the Free PCB Sponsorship

      Schools are the birthplaces of new ideas and solutions for the Hardware Market. Every day, professors and students from various research laboratories develop projects to solve countless problems in the world. However, many projects do not evolve and are not sold to the market. It's not the fault of the professors and students. In many places, there is a low financial incentive to develop and provide the framework needed to create solutions for the market. This impedes technological and educational advancement in many countries. JLCPCB believes that a quality education structure and free access to knowledge is the first step to stimulating research and the creation of new products. Through this thought, the company created the PCB Sponsorship Educational Program.

What is the PCB Sponsorship Educational Program?

  This is the largest technological incentive program developed by JLCPCB. Thousands of dollars have already been invested in making free printed circuit boards for teachers and students around the world.

The program has already benefited more than 2000 students and professors in advancing their research and projects for the market. Developing this program is to allow technological evolution and encourage the creation of solutions for different sectors of the market, such as:






Homes, and various other sectors.

Why join the PCB Sponsorship Educational Program?

Projects need to come out of the paper, inside universities' laboratories, and solve the people's problems. Without the necessary investment, the project becomes useless and will never reach the market.

JLCPCB created the program to support thousands of professors and students around the world who want to create their products and have no investment to advance development.

The company proposes:

Free shipping and manufacturing of printed circuit boards for your project,

Fast production and delivery for teachers and students,

Access to the platform for developing and learning how to build PCB's layout with EasyEDA software.

The objective is to facilitate the creation of the prototype and speed up new modifications in the design of the electronic board. The project's printed circuit board will be produced free of charge.

Furthermore, thousands of electronic engineering contents are constantly produced and made available to users.

Access to free knowledge is essential to boost learning about electronic engineering and improve the quality of your projects.

Who can participate in the PCB Sponsorship Educational Program?

The program developed benefits the following audiences of students and teachers:

research laboratories,

Competition groups.

How can I receive electronic boards for the project free of charge?

  1. Please "follow" the JLCPCB Education Facebook page firstly,  
  2. Then "click" to ask questions if you have any.
  3. You can fill out the Application Form and then submit it via the JLCPCB Education Facebook page or send the form to jlcpcbcommunity@gmail.com.( Please follow the  JLCPCB Education Facebook page then submit your application form)

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