3D Printing FAQs

1. What are your 3D printing tolerances?

2. What is the difference between 8000 resin and 9000Eresin?

8000 resin is pure white. It is more suitable for 3D printing threads. Its heat deformation temperature is 46°C. 

Thick 9000E resin parts are yellowish. Its heat deformation temperature is about 53°C. The toughness is not good as 8000 resin.  

3. What is the Heat deflection temperature of these materials?

4. Is it possible to do post-treatment, such as spray-painting, polishing, and electroplating?

No. But spray-painting will be provided soon.

5. Which kind of 3D printing material is better?

Resin 8000 is the most cost-effective printing material currently. The toughness, precision, and color are all better than most other resin materials.

6. What is the build time?

Generally, resin parts take 48 hours, nylon parts take 72 hours.

For Special-shaped or large-volume parts, build time adds 1-2 days.

For batch orders, build time adds 1-3 days depends on the order quantity.

7. Can nylon be printed in black or white?

Nylon PA12 is naturally gray, however, the black is dyed afterward. The white nylon will be available in the near future.

8. Do you offer materials in other colors?

No, currently we only offer white resin and gray nylon.

9. Can you print transparent parts?


10. How about the strength of the material?

Resin material with high hardness, but slightly less toughness;

Nylon PA12 with better hardness and toughness, but there is graininess on its surface.

11. What is the maximum build size for 3D printing?

12. Can you 3D print threads?

Yes, the minimum screw we can make is GB M6 coarse thread.

13. What's the price of 3D printing?

Starting price of resin is $1.00, and $2.00 for PA12.

14. Can you print in flexible material?

No, currently we don't have flexible material. 

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