Free Assembly for Your PCB


Free Assembly for your PCB orders

Get your PCB manufactured for only $2, and have them assembled from $0. 

For 1-4 Layer PCBs with 1oz. Cu, HASL surface finish, you can get below special offers.

Layer              PCB Size            Qty           Price  
1-2 Layer       100x100mm         5 pcs          $2  
4 Layer           50x50mm            5 pcs          $2  
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How to get free assembly for your PCB orders?

Every customer can get $24 Coupons for PCB assembly monthly. After any placed order you will get three coupons($9 + $9 +$6) at the beginning of the afterward month. The SMT coupons can be found in your Account > Coupon section. 

When you checkout, just select one $9 SMT service coupon, and the discount will be automatically applied during checkout. For PCB assembly, prices start at $8 setup fee. That's to say, the setup fee is free now. 

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