SMT Production Lines Optimization Notice

For quality customer experience, JLCPCB is going to optimize SMT production lines from Oct 1st to 5th. We suggest orders placed earlier before Sep 25th to avoid any delay loss.
As we know, the whole world meets chips-shortage in 2021, some basic parts have become rare or unavailable, some extended parts have become popular and frequently used. Therefore, JLCPCB will remove some parts from the basic library and then add popular extended parts into it.

Basic Parts Library Revision

After the adjustment, it seems fewer extended parts have been added into the basic library, but they have been much more frequently used. In general, people can save labor fees for changing the feeders of extended parts. 

Below 96 basic parts will change to extended parts. 

Basic Parts List

Notice: When those basic parts change to extended parts, the Extended components fee will be charged.  

Below 19 extended parts will change to basic parts
Extended Parts List

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