Pre-Ordering Parts Terms & Conditions

JLCPCB provides a pre-order parts service to help you stock the parts inventory for your PCB assembly orders. The following are the terms and conditions of agreement ("Terms and Conditions") for the pre-order parts service by JLCPCB to JLCPCB's customers. 

1. JLCPCB will help customers store the parts they pre-ordered, the parts are only used for assembly service, there is no inventory cost when using those parts for assembly orders.
Please note in principle pre-order parts are not available for pickup. Inventory cost and pickup service fee will be charged if pickup is insisted on. Learn more about Components Pickup Pricing

2. Inventory loss equals 0.03% of minimum package each year.

3. Parts may be purchased in different batches. JLCPCB cannot guarantee that the same part will be all in the same batch. 

4. Please accept the minimum required quantity and attrition quantity when using those parts for assembly orders. 

5. In-stock items cannot be canceled once it has been paid. Pre-order items cannot be canceled once the quotation is finished. 

6. Only when the pre-order parts arrive in the JLCPCB warehouse, you can use them for PCB assembly orders.

7. About the Lead Time of Pre-ordered Parts
Since the inventory and price of parts are changing all the time, in order to take the parts ASAP and avoid delays, if the lead time is within 20 working days after confirming with the parts supplier, we will directly continue purchasing. If it is more than 20 working days, we will email customers for further confirmation. To avoid delays, we suggest customers check the mailbox regularly after placing the orders for timely confirmation.

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