How to build your own parts library in JLCPCB

Have you ever encountered the situation that when you place a PCB assembly order, the parts you want have not enough stock or no stock at all?

To solve this issue, JLCPCB provides a pre-order parts service. It allows you to order parts before you place a PCB-assembly order, and hold the inventory at JLCPCB until you need the PCBA service. Therefore you can get enough parts to be assembled on your boards all the time. 
Please note that the parts pre-ordering service is for your PCB assembly orders, so the parts won't be shipped separately to you. 

How to pre-order your parts?

1. Sign in to your account, and visit the Parts Manager page. The parts you purchased will be listed on the " My Parts Lib " page.

2. By clicking " Order Parts ", you can order parts from JLCPCB Parts Library.
For parts in the JLCPCB warehouse:
As JLCPCB needs to keep enough basic parts on the feeder, so the Basic Parts only can be pre-ordered, and there has a minimum order quantity. But normally the basic parts have enough stock, you don't need to pre-order them. 

For in-stock extended parts in JLCPCB warehouse, no minimum order quantity is required. You can directly buy those in-stock parts. 

For non-stock extended parts in JLCPCB warehouse, you need to pre-order them, and there has a minimum order quantity. 

For parts in the LCSC warehouse:

All parts have a minimum order quantity, and must be ordered in multiples. LCSC parts' price is estimated. JLCPCB will purchase parts you ordered from LCSC, then LCSC will ship them to JLCPCB warehouse. As a consequence, the lead time will be longer.  
3. Choose the part; fill in the quantity you need; click the "Add to My Part Lib" button. The part will be added to the cart. 
4. Go to the " Cart " page, select the parts, then click "  Secure Checkout ".

5. In the " Checkout " page, fill in your contact email address. We will send the order status to your registered email address by default. You can change the contact email address when you need.

6. Fill in your billing address and click " Submit Order ".
Please note that those parts are only used for your PCBA orders, so they won't be shipped separately.

7. Please complete the payment within one hour, or the order will be cancelled automatically because the parts' inventory may change each second.

8. You can check the status of the ordered parts in the " Parts Order History " page.
For in-stock items, the parts will usually be shown in your own library immediately after you make the payment.
For the pre-order items, the exact price will be confirmed within 48 hours after the initial payment is done. Money will be refunded or will need to be refilled, depending on the final quotation.

If you don't want to place a PCB-assembly order at JLCPCB, we recommend that you don't order any parts separately, because inventory cost and pickup service fee are charged when you need to pick up the components. 

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