FAQ-“Wanna see you”e-Exhibition

Q1. How to enter the webpage of the e-exhibition?

A1: click the link for   “Wanna see you” JLCPCB e-Exhibition on jlcpcb.com or anywhere you see it.
Q2.How to join in the exhibition?
  1.  Enter the webpage to choose your favorite guide
  2.  Browse 3 showrooms in order and get 3 gifts
  3.  Share your experience then get a "Spin to win" chance
  4.  100% possibility win gifts
Q3. When does the e-exhibition start and end?            
A3: From November 10 2020--5:00pm GMT +8 on November 25 2020
Q4.How many gifts I will get in the e-exhibition?
A4: 4 in total:3 gifts for 3 showrooms; 1 for "spin to win" game.
Q5. what are the prizes?
A5: Prizes include iPhone 12,3D printer, instant camera, $50 amazon gift card, multiple coupons, etc.
Q6. Where can I check the coupons I got? how to use?
A6: It's in your JLCPCB Account-Coupon list. Redeem it when you place orders on jlcpcb.com.
Q7. When can I receive my iPhone12,3D printer, and instant camera if I win?
A7. We will contact the prize winners within one week and let you know the detail. Please be patient!
Q8. When can I get the $50 Amazon gift card if I win?
A8. Amazon gift cards will be sent to your JLCPCB-registered-email within a week after the event.       
if you have any questions about the event, pls send an email to Inly@jlcpcb.com

Wanna See you all

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