SMT Factory Expansion / Holiday Notice

Update on September 23

Holiday Schedule!

1. Orders placed after 6pm, Sep 30th GMT+8 will be processed on Oct 5th.

2. SMT orders received after 6pm, Sept 23th GMT+8 will not ship until Oct 5th.

3. Logistics companies will have holidays from Oct 1st to Oct 4th. The delivery date shall be postponed until Oct 5th.

4. Order can be placed as usual during the holiday.

5. Customer service is unavailable on Oct 1st and Oct 2nd.

Last Updated on September 27

SMT Factory Expansion Notice

Our SMT and Stencil factory is being expanded. We’re switching SMT and Stencil factory to a bigger one, and the switching process is near the end. 

  • SMT service accepts 30 pcs again. 
  • The panel size should be no more than 25x25cm for SMT orders. 
  • SMT delivery times are returning to normal as we are back to full capacity. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. 

How long it will take to switch the SMT factory?

Scheduled to be completed before October 7. 

 Why do we move our factory to another one?  
  • The current prototype SMT production line is saturated with high load
  • Improve efficiency and provide customers with advanced SMT mode, one-stop&efficient service, and more personalized options.
  • Make more SMT quantity available and serve more customers

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