Delivery Delay and Loss Guarantee Policy

Are you afraid of delivery delay, package loss and damage caused during international trade due to long-distance transportation?
Don't worry!

All of the logistics companies JLCPCB cooperate with are the best and reliable suppliers in the field of international transportation like DHL Express, and we have established long-term strategic cooperation with them. Orders from JLCPCB is faster delivered than others, because we have the priority to get on airplane and not have to wait for flights even in the transportation peak season, we can have our orders shipped out in COVID-19 situation when others cannot.

But, sometimes things will happen! What if delivery delay, package damage and loss happen to your orders?

Don't worry!

You can get compensation from JLCPCB if there is delivery delay, package damage and loss.

Please refer to the Logistics Guarantee Standards for specific policies. 


1. The delivery time for delay claim is calculated from the date of shipment, production time is not included. If package not received within the max expected delivery time specified in Logistics Guarantee Standards, JLC will make compensation to customers according to the regulation. 

2. Regarding delays, damages, loss and other related compensation will be returned to customers in the form of coupons which can be used to place orders at JLCPCB store.

3. If the customer receives the goods after JLC issues the compensation coupons, JLC has the right to revoke the coupons issued.

4. In case of force majeure factors (such as epidemic situation, strike, government policy) and various situations caused by non-logistical reasons, the compensation rules do not apply, and JLCPCB reserve the final power of interpretation.

5. For damage of package, please make a claim within 15 days after receipt of the goods, otherwise the claim will not be accepted. 
6. For loss of package, please make a claim within 60 days after shipping, otherwise the claim will not be accepted. 

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