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    Welcome! New Users Get $27  Dollar Coupon

Q. Why JLCPCB offers coupons?

JLCPCB provides new customer coupons to reduce PCB costs. This allows customers to start their first and more PCB prototypes. We hope everyone enjoys coupons and knows how to redeem coupons properly. 

Q. Is it really a $27 coupon? 

The $27 coupon includes a $5 discount coupon for the first order; two new user registration coupons, $7 and $6; and a $9 SMT coupon. Redeem more coupons for more enjoyment!

 * $6 New Customer Coupon, $7 New Customer Coupon, and $9 SMT coupon

*$5 discount coupon condition of use:

- This coupon is not displayed in the coupon list in the customer account but displayed on the checkout page

- This coupon can be applied only for  the first order 
-It is used for orders whose shipping cost ≥19 dollars

Q.Why does my coupon can’t be used?

 A1. Please notice that some coupons are used under limited conditions. For example, special shipping offer coupon, special offer coupon for orders over $XX coupons, etc.

A2. The unused but expired coupon can't be redeemed

Q.The order is partially canceled, why not return the coupon?

Because the coupon has already been partially used for the order, it cannot be returned.

Q.My $50 coupon paid for a $34 order, will it leave a $16 coupon in my account?

A coupon can be only redeemed once. If the coupon amount has not been used up, and the remaining part cannot be refunded or saved.

Q. I have 3 of the $5 coupons, can it be redeemed as 1 coupon valued as $15.

Sorry, coupons can't be integrated into one big coupon. 

Warm Notice:

Each customer (regardless of whether it has a different JLCPCB account) can only gain new-user-coupon once and event coupons once. Coupons can't be redeemed which is detected by the system as a wrong-take. Coupons are used for starting a better PCB prototype experience. Abuse of coupons would reduce trust, JLCPCB's customers always respect a good business environment. Of course, JLCPCB believes this situation will not happen and we would like to benefit customers more, any questions, please contact, we are ready to listen.

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