Terms and Conditions of JLCPCB SMT Service

1. About the Components Search and Matching Utility

For SMT assembly, when at the “Select Parts” step, if our system can detect the parts, they will be automatically selected to make component selection easier. However, they may not be 100% accurate, please carefully check and confirm if the parts are what you need. Those confirmed parts in this step will be placed on your boards. If the automatically-selected parts are inappropriate and cause any issues on the final PCBA, JLCPCB will not take any responsibility.

2. Notes on DFM

1.The design of the PCB footprints must comply with "medium density" or "low density" standards listed in IPC-7351B. High density is not supported.

2.The placement and gap of the components must comply with "medium density" or "low density" standards listed in IPC-7351B. For example, components overlap or components with very small gap should be avoided.

3. The distance between the body of the components and the edge of the board must be equal or greater than 2.5mm.

4. The 10-zone reflow oven is used in the SMT line. As thermal conductivity is inconsistent for different PCB pads,if thermal design is not considered, tomb-stone, displacement and other defects may occur.

5. Board warping may occur during reflow processing, the warpage can be reduced if thermal capacity has been considered in the design. For example: the balance of the copper density and distribution for each layer will affect the warpage.

3. Quality Assurance

1. Designs that comply with the industrial standard will have a higher yield. As JLCSMT receives thousands of orders a day, we're sorry that our SMT line is unable to optimize for a particular order.

2. We promise the yield of the soldering joints is greater than 95% if the design complies with the industrial standard.

3. We will not do a power-on test for all boards. Components' functionality will also not be tested.

4. For hand-soldering service, the DFM analysis is not provided and the quality cannot be guaranteed.

4. Exception Handling during SMT Production

1. A component may be missed (unpopulated) because of the inventory mismatching or pick and place machine mulfunction, JLC will refund the relevant cost(the cost of the unpopulated parts, soldering joints points, cost for extended components), JLC will not take the consequential responsibility caused by this issue.

2. If the component in the BOM does not match the footprint, this part will not be populated. JLC will not take the consequential responsibility caused by this problem.

5. Disclaimer

1. Please make sure you've provided accurate data when you place the order. When the order has been submitted successfully, the SMT line starts to process the order according to the data you provided

2. The process from PCB to SMT assembly is a complex, multi-stage process, make the whole process error-free is almost impossible. For instance, issues might occur when producing PCBs and causing your order with missing quantity. The missing PCBs cannot be reproduced for SMT orders currently, so only those good boards will be assembled. The difference for unassembled boards will be refunded. JLCPCB will not take responsibility when the delivered quantity is less than the ordered quantity.

3. The SMT order cannot be canceled once the PCB production has started.

4. For smoother fabrication, JLCPCB sometimes updates the HASL-Leaded to lead-free HASL for assembly service, JLCPCB bears the extra fee.

5. Tooling holes are required for SMT assembly orders. If you choose "Tooling Holes Added by Customer”, but there are no tooling holes in your file. To avoid delays, we will help to add tooling holes by default.

6. With via in pads there is the issue of having sufficient solderpasted to fill the via hole during the reflow process, which can cause a lot of problems, for instance, skewed parts, tombstoning, etc, JLC will not take the consequential responsibility due to this.

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