Terms and Conditions of JLCPCB SMT Service

1. In the“Select Parts” step when ordering SMT assembly, if our system can detect the parts, they will be automatically selected in order to help you select the part you need quickly, but it’s not 100% accurate at the moment. So, please do check and confirm whether the parts suit the PCB or not. 

2. When producing the manufacturing files, if we find the component pads do not match the copper pads, we will email you for confirmation. However, we may not be able to inform you timely due to the time difference. In this case, the uncertain components will be skipped during the SMT assembly process, and the cost of those components will be refunded. 
3. Rarely, the stock shown in JLCPCB website may be inconsistent with the actual stock, which may cause there is no enough stock for a component to process SMT assembly, then the component won’t be assembled on your boards. In this case, JLCPCB will refund you the cost of those unassembled components.  
4. Since the entire production process from PCB to SMT assembly is quite long, issues might occur when producing PCBs and causing your order with missing quantity. At the moment, SMT orders cannot be reproduced if manufacturing scrap happens. JLCPCB will equally refund you. 

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